International Open-air Expressions 2005 in Hiki, Japan

Save Our World - SOW

Our world is threatened by a list of harmful factors influencing the future life on earth. Our children and grand children will be suffering and paying the cost of our mistakes and omissions.

A collective call for help is heard: SOW, SOW, SOW... Save Our World.

The need of rescue action is urgent. People find temporary protection from the great life saving buoy. And they obtain shield and consolation in the tree hanging hidings.

This will provide time for new knowledge to be created, new medicine to be produced and new political solutions to be offered.


Framed sentences (in selection)

Running cars and heating houses by burning of fossil fuels means production of greenhouse gases and climate change.

Climate change means hurricanes, heavy rains and flooding. Nutrients from agriculture and household means eutrofication of lakes and watercourses.

Heavy metals and persistent organic chemicals from society mean unhealthy ecosystems.

Noise from traffic means disturbed sleep

Large-scale agricultural practice means impoverished biological diversity.

A clean and healthy environment is essential for achieving the prosperity and quality of life that we want for our children and ourselves.

There is a price to be paid for modifying our environment, extracting resources, and emitting pollutants and wastes.

Depletion of the ozone layer means increased risk for skin cancer from sun UV-radiation.

Increased concentrations of near ground ozone means decreased crop production.

Forest growth and production of wood is affected by soil acidification caused by acid rain.

SOW - All our responsibilities

1. Do not extract from the ground materials that are present only in limited amounts. Stop wasting fossil oil and coal.

2. Avoid non-natural compounds! Stop producing synthetic persistent chemicals such as freones that are not degraded in nature. Such compounds are persisting and affect air, water and soil for extended periods of time.

3. Stop devastating plants and animals through clear cutting forests, constructing roads and expanding cities! If we do not leave space for plants and wild animals we will disappear ourselves, as we are all dependent of each other.

4. Do not waste! If we economize with what we already have, share with others and assist each other the natural resources will last longer.