"Link Our Valuable Earth, Love and Ecology"
anagawa Prefectural Gallery, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan,
February 10 - February 22, 2004
SJP, Sweden-Japan Art Exchange Program 2004

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My statement regarding "Love and Ecology "

All living organisms are continuously influenced by their surroundings. Themselves they also have an influence on their surroundings. Man, more than other organisms, affect its environment with huge consequences. In order to survive, knowledge of ecology was essential to our ancestors. Today the urbanized citizen is far from the virgin natural ecosystems. She/he does not need to know anything about the laws regulating survival and progress.
However, when applied to today's human society, general ecological principles tell that we should pay more attention to human needs, behaviour and customs to plan our future.
The all and ever overriding human "custom" to fall in love make us differ from other organisms. Love is thus an integral part only of human ecology. Let's therefore pay attention to this difference, let's put love in the frontier, and let's preach LOVE and ECOLOGY.

My contribution to this exhibition is an installation consisting of

a text projected on a floor made of hand formed paper. The text is the "Love message" from the Bible, Paul's first letter to the people in Chorinth.
My floor is built up from 30 parts or 12 510 embossings of size 1x1 cm. One black door carpet of rubber has been the mould for my floor. The paper floor remembering the casting in the rubber mould alluding to industrialism meets The Gallery floor in Japan and the projected text starts a conversation.

on the walls more or less deformed hearts are hanging and

on a podium some book objects preaching LOVE and ECOLOGY are placed.

Never before I have worked with hearts as a message. Hearts have always seemed too banal a way of expression, but now the time is right.