"International Open-air Expressions 2004 in Hiki, Japan"


The moose bull, largest and most powerful of all Scandinavian wild game, meets/honours Japanese nature. Its golden antler like a king's crown is adorning the branches of the holy tree firmly rooted in the ground by the aid of a white collar, a bandage of Swedish paper. Moose droppings are displayed like brown pearls in a brilliant white burrowed basket of pure cellulose.

Title: The King of the Swedish Forest moves to Hiki

Description of my installation

The King of the Swedish Forest moves to Hiki, is a site-specific installation with a golden moose antler, moose droppings and paper pulp from the Swedish forest and from Ogawa Paper Mill. The moose antler, which is painted with golden colour, is placed high up on a tree in the park. A cone is built up around the lower part of the trunk from soil and other material taken some ten meters from the chosen tree. A shallow circular cavity is formed when the soil is moved to the tree. The cone around the tree with the moose antler is painted with the Swedish paper pulp. The cavity in the near is also painted with pulp from Ogawa Paper Mill. In the cavity moose droppings are placed. A border from branches surrounds the cavity.

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From the opening. Performance together with Agatha Hutton , Singapore.