dancing and choreography
Minna Krook
in a park installation by
Kerstin Svanberg
with music made by
Göran Pettersson

Cellulose is the most important component of the cell wall of wood. Cellulose is a long chain molecule consisting of hexagonal glucose monomers built up by the elements carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. The molecule is written [C6H10O5]n. The molecules, magnified about ten thousand million times, are "drawn" on the ground with pulp from spruce and pine made at MoDo´s pulp mill in Domsjö. Some of the trees in the park are given a golden ribbon made from linen pulp.

The music is set up from the molecules of the cellulose. The hydrogen atom H is represented by the tone H, the carbon atom by the tone C and the oxygen atom became a G after some miscalculations (or perhaps from inspiration by Bach´s "Air on a G-string"). The formula became series of tones building up pitches positioned in different octavo and tempi. Pace was marked on each 6th full tone (the structure). All was fed into a computer selecting various instruments. Music was mixed and layered in different speeds on each other (several doublings) into a mass (pulp in Swedish). It's more a matter of sounds and associations to forests than of tone successions. This is music composed by a non-musician. (scroll to the right)

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