"International Open-air Expressions 2009 in Hiki, Japan"


The greenhouse effect is the most serious environmental issue of our time. It is not restricted within any national borders. The human population is clearly shown to be a part of the earth, not its rulers and unconditional exploiters.

We are also in many other ways destroying the conditions for life in our forests and lakes and we pollute the air we breathe. Our way of living is also claimed to result in mental acidification.

Our minds are overcrowded by information and noise inducing a state of psychological and physical alarm activating stress hormones.

International studies have proved that nature can act positively on our health. Nature experiences exert an anti stress effect. It also sharpens the concentration ability and decreases the blood pressure. It is a challenge of utmost importance to build a society which is sustainable in the long run. There is an urgent need of empty space for people to calm down and recover.

The privatization of urban space like gated communities, gated cities and gated housing estates is a new trend in global urban development. Nature reserves are like gated communities. People are regarded as threats to the lawn and other vegetation, to birds, bears and eagles as well us ourselves.

What people really need is green nature to be used - Every day nature. These areas have to be situated close to where people live - City near nature.

My installation EMPTY SPACE OR GATED NATURE is asking the questions:

Is an empty space the ultimate artwork for this exhibition with the theme Nature environment and relationship with human beings? If I don't add something to the nature or take something away, which we artists many times are doing, it must be the absolute artwork.

Do we need Gated Nature in the future? The greenhouse effect, which is borderless, is knocking on our doors. Are we ready changing our ways of living?