Kerstin Svanberg

ISBN 91-631-7757-9
2005 Kerstin Svanberg


It is quite an experience to make a piece of paper from its constituents. My challenge is to transform this paper into an artwork.

This book is telling why paper art has become an important part of my life. One part about the raw material and different techniques and one about my contacts with other paper cultures and artists.

I try to show my artistic development by the help of the images.


Seija Hultman writes in the foreword of the book among other things:

I make a leap forward in time and land in the paper written in 2004 by Bente Carlsson, a student of art history at the University of Uppsala: Perishable and imperishable - about paper for every day use and for the exclusive art. She interviewed Kerstin and summarizes her impressions. 'Twenty years of work have made Svanberg believe she has found the soul of the paper by considering paper as a spiritual object. - It is also evident where the most important sources of inspiration for Svanberg are found: on the one hand textiles, on the other Asiatic culture.'

In late August 2005 Kerstin takes off to her artistic homeland Japan for another exhibition in Hatoyama, Saitama-prefecture. Without permission I have made reservations on the plane for the paper goddess Kawakami Gozen on one side and the Greek philosopher Herakleitos on the other. He is the one who believed nature to be in a state of continuous motion. Time is also a flow of events and thoughts. We experience life as a flow of memories upstream and our wishes downstream. And, as Kerstin herself puts it during a conversation in connection with an exhibition in Helsinki in 1999: 'Exchange of information between people is also a flow of signals. Either in the form of physical communication ''signs" and ''books'' or verbally when we speak.' Welcome into the world of Kerstin's images! The door is open!

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